Know More About Space with NASA’s Eyes

The upcoming total solar eclipse in the United Stated has once again peeked the interest of people to know more about the mysteries of the universe. Suddenly everyone is curious to know the world that exists among the stars, galaxies and beyond them. Whether there are other planets that can support life? Are we along in this huge universe? And a dozen more questions are being asked by the wide eyed children and the grown ups alike. For all of them, NASA has created a very useful informative program called NASA’s Eyes.

As you can perhaps guess, this program shows and informs you the universe through the eyes of NASA, that is, as understood by the scientists working at NASA and as seen through a plethora of telescopes employed by the well known space agency. NASA’s Eyes is available in two formats – as a program for the desktop/laptop computers and also as an app for the smartphones/tablets. For a better experience, you should use the one meant for desktop computers because you will be able to view the graphics on a large screen.

NASA's Eyes

The program opens up with three options – explore Earth as seen through the satellites, explore the solar system as seen through the spacecrafts, and explore the exo-planets detected by NASA and other scientists.

Exploring Earth from space displays how NASA can find about various vital signs like sea level, volcanoes, forest fires, and storms. Solar System option gives you in-depth details about the various planets in our solar system and their pictures as taken through various spacecrafts like Voyager, Casini and New Horizons. And the Exo-planet option is going to display 3D renderings of the planets located far-far away rotating around different stars. It is very interesting to see that it displays all the scientifically accurate information about these exo-planets like their distance from Earth and whether their is a possibility of life.

You can download NASA’s Eyes from