IOTransfer : Easy to Use iPhone/iPad Manager for Windows

If you have ever tried to copy files between your iPhone and your Windows PC, you must have realized that it is not a very easy thing to do. At least it is not as easy as on an Apple Mac. Apple does provide you with all the instructions and the tools, but the whole process is very cumbersome. If you want an easier way to access your iPhone or iPad files on Windows then you can try a new iPhone transfer software called IOTransfer.

Works with all iOS devices

IOTransfer supports all the iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod and can be used to manage your iOS devices through your Windows PC. Using this software you can copy files between your iOS devices & your Windows PC. Moreover, it can also install or remove the apps in your iPhone or iPad. You can also use it to sync the contents between your PC, iTunes and the iPhone or iPad.


As you connect your iPhone to your PC after launching IOTransfer, it detects your device quickly. Some basic information about your iPhone is displayed in the IOTransfer window, for example, the iPhone model, iOS version, battery status, etc. Under the image of your iPhone or iPad, there are options that you can use to sync to iTunes, sync to PC or sync to the device.

One-click files transfer between iPhone and PC

Using IOTransfer for iPhone transfer, that is, for copying your files is perhaps the easiest thing in the world. You have to first select the file type category – Music, Videos, Photos, etc. Then you can select as many files as you wish to copy. And then you have to click on the small button labeled To PC. If you want to copy files from your PC to iPhone, then you have to click on the small Add button, select the files and they will be copied to your iOS device. Similarly, you can use the Delete button to get rid of the selected items.


Management of installed apps, ebooks & podcasts

IOTransfer can also help with the management of the installed apps in your iPhone or iPad. You can copy any of the installed apps on your computer, remove the apps and restore them any time later. In the same fashion, you can backup and restore the ebooks, podcasts, voice memos among other files.

Verdict: IOTransfer is a very lightweight iPhone/iPad management software. It can be used to copy files between your iOS devices and a Windows PC. The data transfer speeds are impressive and it offers one-click removal or backup apps installed on iPhone.

You can download IOTransfer from