Win10Clean Helps Disable Windows 10 Features and Remove Pre-Installed Apps

If you have used Windows 7 and earlier versions so far but now are forced to use Windows 10 for the very first time, then you have to either learn the new feature very quickly or you can customize Windows 10 to your old Windows 7 habits. Many people choose to buy books on Windows 10 and learn new things. At the same time, people who do not have much time, they prefer to remove all the extra features and set Windows 10 to work like the old versions of the operating system. If you prefer the latter, then Win10Clean is perhaps the tool that can help you out.

Win10Clean is an open source tool that can help you disable many of the newer features in Windows 10 and remove the pre-installed Metro apps from your freshly installed Windows 10 system. The tool is portable and does not require any installation. It can also be used on Windows 8.x, but the developer does not recommend this.


Among the tweaks that can be applied using Win10Clean are disabling Start Menu ads, disabling Windows Defender, reverting Windows File Explorer to Windows 7 style, disabling HomeGroup, removal of OneDrive, disabling of GameDVR, cleaning up of the context menu and preventing already uninstalled apps from being reinstalled automatically.

If you switch to the Win10 / Metro Apps tab, the program (after a few seconds delay), displays a list of all the apps installed in your system. You can choose to disable apps belonging to your user profile or to that of all the users by checking All users. You can then choose to remove the selected apps from your system.


Conclusion: Win10Clean is a small useful tool that helps you carry out small customizations on your fresh Windows 10 installation. You can also use this tool to completely uninstall the metro apps from your system.

You can download Win10Clean from