MathSheetGenerator : Create Math’s Problems Sheets for Kids

Many parents in the US choose to home school their kids for one reason or another. Some of the parents join the online courses designed to help and assist the parents in home schooling their young ones. While there are so many books and online resources available for the teachers and parents alike, if you want to randomly create new mathematical problems for your kids then you can use the free MathSheetGenerator to print the problem sheets.

MathSheetGenerator is a portable software and works for Windows and Mac both. In this programs window, you can choose the mathematical problem setting such as limits for the upper operand and the lower operand. You can choose the operators like addition, subtraction, multiplication or division using which the problems will be created. You can also choose a limit for the results if you do not want very difficult problems. A preview of the problems is shown on the right side.


Under the printing options, you can choose if you want to have a “Name” field (great for regular class tests), if you want to include page numbers, how many pages of problems you want to print, and whether you also want to print the solutions. You can choose to save the generated problems as PDF files or JPEG images. But if you have a printer attached to your PC, then it is better to have the problems printed on the paper right away.

By default the program uses the system font for the operating system. If you want to change the font used, then you can do so from the program preferences (can be accessed from the menubar) and then choose the font as well as the symbols for multiplication and division.


Conclusion: MathSheetGenerator is a great helper program for the parents and teachers of the elementary school kids. It can be used to print randomly generated simple mathematics problems.

You can download MathSheetGenerator from