Ransim Simulates Ransomware Infection in Windows

Ransim is a ransomware simulator that can be used by the security experts to test the security of your Windows computer system. It works by acting like a ransomware and initiating encryption of your files in the same fashion as some of the well known ransomware do. It tests your system under ten different scenarios and determines if your system has enough protections against these most common attacks.

In the list of ransomware that it simulates, are the InsideCryptor, LockyVariant, Mover, Replacer, Streamer, StrongCryptor, StrongCryptorFast, StrongCryptorNet, ThorVariant and the WeakCryptor. You have to install Ransim on a computer connected to the internet that you want to test. When you launch Ransim, it shows some basic information about what the program is all about. You can click on the Check Now button to start performing the tests.


After a few minutes the results of the tests are made available to the user. It shows which of the tests failed and which of them passed. If your system fails some tests, then those are shown under the summary of “vulnerable”. The tests that are cleared are shown under the summary of “not vulnerable” and the ones that were blocked but not in the way they were supposed to be blocked are shown as “incorrectly blocked”.

A pie-chart of all the files and documents that would have been encrypted in the case of a real ransomware attack is also displayed along side the summary. This gives you an idea which of the files and how many of them are at risk during a ransomware attack.

Ransim is only useful for system admins and security researchers who would want to check the security and vulnerability of a system against some of the known threats. It does not offer any ways to fix, patch or protect your system against these threats.

You can download Ransim from https://www.knowbe4.com/ransomware-simulator