Use Simplify Page Feature in Firefox to Save Printer Ink

After going through three inkjet printers, I have gained a valuable experience – the printer manufacturing companies sell the printers cheap but then they sell replacement cartridges at an unexpected high price. Some printers actually cost the same (along with the initial free cartridges) as the replacement cartridges for them. This is why many people choose to refill the cartridges three-four times before buying new ones or just buy cheaper unofficial compatible cartridges. But you can also make the printer cartridges last longer if you use a special feature in Firefox called Simplify Page.

The Simplify Page feature is available in the newer versions of Firefox and what it does is remove all the formatting, background and unnecessary elements from a webpage prior to printing it. It turns very complicated page into a very simple page which is also useful when you want to print the page without all the different fonts, colors and formatting.

Firefox Simplify Page

In order to use this feature, you have to first browse the web page that you want to print. After that web page has finished loading, you can press the Alt key to make the menubar visible and then select File → Print Preview from there.

In the print preview of the webpage, you can choose the Simplify Page option from the top-right corner. You can see the effect instantly. The formatting, background and other styles are removed and the page becomes very simple and easy to read. At this point, you can click on the Print button in the preview window to have the page printed on your attached printer.

Firefox Simplify Page

Since the simplified page is only text and the main images, you can save not only your printer ink, but you are also saving many minutes you would have otherwise spent in editing the web page content in a document editor like Microsoft Word before printing it.

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