Remove Objects in Pictures Easily with PhotoWipe

When you are in relationship with someone, you take tons of pictures with together with the person you are involved with. But after a breakup, you do not want to see that person anymore to the extent that you delete all those pictures as well. But instead of deleting the pictures, you can just do a little touch up and remove them from the pictures. A freeware called PhotoWipe can help you do that. Similarly, when you snap a picture of an exciting moment and something else unintentionally gets captured in the picture, you can remove the offending element easily with PhotoWipe.

PhotoWipe is not a full features image editor like GIMP or Photoshop. It has only one function – to remove some selected objects from the pictures. You can load your picture in the PhotoWipe program and then paint all the objectionable objects that you want to remove in black color. It gives you different drawing tools to help with the painting – rectangle, ellipses, lines, pencils and so on. There is also an eraser to remove the drawing. Once you have covered all the objects you want to be removed in black, you can click on the Preview button.


It will give you two options – quick preview or full quality preview. The quick preview is a very quick rendering of the image manipulations and may show a garbled up result. But for a much higher quality, you can choose full quality which takes some time but gives you a much better image quality. You can save this image to local disk or copy it to the clipboard.

Verdict: PhotoWipe is a quick picture editing tool that helps you remove unwanted objects from your pictures. In our tests, we found that it works better if you choose high resolution source PNG images.

You can download PhotoWipe from