Trend Micro Dr.Clone : Use Multiple Accounts for Any App in Android

One of the most touted features of some of the newer models of Android smartphones is that they allow you to use two accounts for any of the apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram at the same time. This new feature is actually a part of the customized version of Android Nougat operating system. But you can sign-in to multiple accounts in the same app on any smartphone running Android KitKat and above using Trend Micro Dr.Clone.

Trend Micro Dr.Clone is a free app from the legendary antivirus software developer and it helps you use two accounts of any app by running those apps within a private storage space. Not only that, you can lock the use of the secondary account for all the apps by creating a security password for the Dr.Clone app.

After the installation of Dr.Clone, you can launch it and tap on the small add icon to choose and add the apps to the Dr.Clone list of cloned apps. You can add as many apps as you want but adding more apps will use up more space on your internal storage. Similarly, running more apps with dual accounts will use up more RAM in your phone.

Trend Micro Dr.Clone

Once the apps have been added, you can wait for a while as Dr.Clone create a private space for all of these apps. The icons for the apps that are ready to be used with a secondary account simultaneously turn colorful while those that are still to be processed stay monochrome. If you want to remove these apps, then you can just drag them to the “Remove” option.

Another exciting feature of the Dr.Clone is that you can add apps in the private space directly from the APK files. This way these apps will be accessible only from within Dr.Clone and not from the regular mode of your Android smart phone. You can use this to install hidden apps in your apps that do not show up as installed in Android settings.

Trend Micro Dr.Clone

Conclusion: Trend Micro Dr.Clone allows using dual accounts for any app in Android by creating private storage space for these apps. However, since this entails in the use of more system resources, you will find it more useful on smartphones with larger RAM and internal storage space.

You can download and install Dr.Clone for Android from