WildSpeller : Never Make Spelling Mistakes Again

If you are not in the habit of writing often and one day you have to write something on a topic then chances are that you will have to pause a lot to think about the spellings of various words. And frankly, who really writes anything after passing out from the high school? This is why I always have a free dictionary software from WordWeb installed as it makes it very easy to lookup words and their definitions. But when it comes to finding the words based on a semi-forgotten spelling, WildSpeller is perhaps the only freeware solution.

Suppose the only thing you know about the spelling of a word is that it starts with “disc” and ends with “ate”. Then you can just enter “disc*ate” in the WildSpeller and it will list all the matching words. You can use all the usual wild cards like the asterisk (*) and the question mark(?). The asterisk is used for matching a string of any length while the question mark is used to match a single letter.


But this is not all. WildSpeller can surprisingly also match words based on how they sound. This is great if you want to know the spelling of a word that someone spoke in a movie or TV show, but you cannot find it. You can enter how that word sounds like in WildSpeller to the best of your ability and it will show you the possible matches. For example, you can enter “newmonia” to find “pneumonia” and you can enter “consense” to find the word “conscience”.

Verdict: WildSpeller is a nifty little tool that can help you quickly find the spellings of words using wildcards and how they sound. It comes with a set of more than 144,000 English words and you will hardly find any commonly used word that it does not have.

You can download WildSpeller from http://roncharlton.org/.