Riot Isolator : Feature Rich Security Tool for Windows

Riot Isolator is an anti-malware security tool of a different kind. It does not depend on the malware definitions, rather it protects your PC by preventing and monitoring certain activity patterns usually exhibited by malicious programs. For example, it can detect ARP spoofing attack on your network and prevent it. It can block all the USB storage devices (like pen drives or SD cards) on your computer so that you don’t get any infection through that route.

Riot Isolator has a very intuitive interface that allows you to drag-n-drop files on its window for secure deletion. And if you are not able to delete some of files because they are locked by some other programs, then you can you can use the unlocking feature of Riot Isolator to unlock those files before deleting them. A status of your network is also visible in the main window – whether the network is available or not.

Riot Isolator

But these are nothing compared to the tools hidden inside the Toolbox. It offers a range of tools to protect you from data stealing tools like Anti-keylogger (prevents capture of your keystrokes), Anti-screenshot (prevent capture of your desktop activity), and Anti-webcam (prevents snooping into your life through webcam hack).

Then there are tools to erase your activity so a malicious software cannot harvest it, for example, RAM Eraser (wipes the contents of your RAM), Full Drive and MFT Eraser (helps remove deleted files forever), System Recycle Bin Cleaner (wipes contents of the Recycle Bin), and Secure File Eraser (shreds all the private files so that they cannot be recovered).

Verdict: Riot Isolator is not essentially an anti-malware product in the traditional sense, but it comes with so many features to protect that it can defend any emerging malware threat if properly configured. It should be used with a standard antivirus product for the best results.

You can download Riot Isolator from