Calibrate Your Computer Monitor with Free DisplayCAL

DisplayCAL is an advanced utility designed to adjust and calibrate how your monitor reproduces the colors and luminosity. This utility is powered by an open-source command line toolkit ArgyllCMS that is an ICC compliant color management system for many different operating systems. Because of this DisplayCAL is also available for multiple platforms including Windows, Linux and Mac. It can calibrate both the single monitor and multiple monitor configurations.

Using DisplayCAL can be a little confusing at first, but if you follow the quick start guide given on their website then everything should go smoothly. Before anything else, it asks you to download the ArgyllCMS binaries – you should choose to automatically download and install them. After this is done, DisplayCAL will detect your monitor and display the various options that you can pick. Depending on your monitor make, you may also need to install Argyll specific drivers and these drivers can also be automatically installed by DisplayCAL.


From the DisplayCAL window, you can choose Display and instrument settings, Calibration settings, Profiling settings and more. Some of these settings are available or not available depending on calibration profiles you pick from the drop down list in the window. Once you have picked all the appropriate settings, the Calibrate and profile button will become available. Clicking on this profile will start the calibration process which may take some time and after this it will create a profile for your monitor.

This ICC profile for your monitor will make the color and luminosity reproduction on your screen much more natural. Although these profiles are available from the monitor manufacturer’s website, they are for general use. Using DisplayCAL you can create your own ICC/ICM profiles based on your requirements. These profiles can also be modified and updated after your monitor has been calibrated.

You can download DisplayCAL from