Playnite : Manage All Games from One Location

The online games delivery platforms have revolutionized the way people buy new games. We no longer have to stand in long lines in front of the nearest game store on the day a game was released like roughly a decade ago people used to do. Now you can order or pre-order games online using delivery systems like Uplay, Steam, GOG and Origin. But now people have another problem, now you have to install so many of these clients on your PC just to be able to play the games bought from different game delivery platforms. Any PC gamer usually has all the four popular clients from GOG, Steam, Uplay and Origin installed.

The open-source program Playnite helps the PC gamers enjoy their game installed on their Windows PC from one location instead of switching from one client software to another. It supports all the four popular game delivery clients and can automatically detect already installed and newly installed games in your PC. The software is available both in form of a setup installer and as a portable program.


When you launch it for the very first time, it gets into a wizard mode and take you through various steps of configuring the software. You can select all the libraries that you want to import the games from. By default all the libraries (Steam, GOG, Uplay and Origin) are selected. But if you have not installed any of these clients, it is better to leave them unchecked. You may have to further specify the location of the various libraries and how they should be updated in the future. After this, it will automatically search and import all the games from the selected libraries. These games will appear in one window where you can click on them and view their details or choose to launch them.


Verdict: Playnite is a must-to-have software to be installed on every PC gamer’s computer. It can reduce the headache and time wasted in searching and managing the games that you have downloaded from Uplay, Steam, Origin and GOG.

You can download Playnite games library and manager from