Deploy Windows on Multiple Computers with Free AOMEI Image Deploy

If you have bought Windows with volume license, you can install Windows on just one computer along with all the drivers, Windows updates and essential software followed by creating the hard drive image. Then this hard drive image can be used to deploy Windows on other computers with similar hardware configuration. This saves time and headache of going through all the steps for Windows installation, hard drive partition, installing updates, drivers and other software. But if you want to save even more time and want to deploy Windows on all the computers connected to your local network simultaneously in just one go, then you can use the free AOMEI Image Deploy software.

What AOMEI Image Deploy does is that it runs a local PXE server through which other network connected computers can boot into Win PE. At this point, it restores the contents of the hard drive image created previously by AOMEI Backupper. A copy of the AOMEI Backupper is included with AOMEI Image Deploy.

So the first thing you have to do is create an image of the hard drive or partition that you want to use for deploying Windows. After this, you can fire up AOMEI Image Deploy software and let it create a Win PE image through which other computers are going to boot.

AOMEI Image Deploy

Connect all the other computers to the same network and enable DHCP so that they all can get network IP address automatically. In these computers, enable booting from network/LAN in the BIOS/UEFI and turn on these computers. Now proceed to the next step AOMEI Image Deploy and it will start a PXE server. All the connected computers should be visible with their IP address.

AOMEI Image Deploy

Proceed to the next step, specify the hard drive image that you have created using the AOMEI Backupper earlier, select the computers that you wish this image to be deployed and click on the Start Deploy button. The image will be deployed to these computers slowly. The speed of deployment entirely depends on how fast your LAN can perform.

AOMEI Image Deploy

Verdict: AOMEI Image Deploy is a free Windows deployment software that can deploy the operating system along with other customizations to multiple computers all at once. This is going to be very useful for the system admins of medium or large organisations.

You can download AOMEI Image Deploy from