Manage Clipboard in Windows PC with ClipAngel

Clipboard exists in Windows and other operating systems for many decades. The function of clipboard is to temporarily hold some data in the memory so that you can copy some items from one place in another place. Most of the Windows users clipboard extensively when they copy-paste files, text or images using the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V hotkeys. But Windows clipboard has the limitation of holding just one entry at a time. In order to enhance the functionality and capacity of the Windows clipboard, you can use the free and open-source tool ClipAngel.

ClipAngel keeps monitoring the clipboard in Windows as you use your PC. As soon as it finds some changes in the Windows clipboard like some new data is copied to it. Then this data is kept in the ClipAngel in form of clips. It is able to copy all formats of data, text, bitmap and formatted text. Later when you need any of this data, you can double-click on the ClipAngel icon in the notification area and it will show you a list of all the data that you copied to clipboard in the past. All of the data is shows with previews, especially the images.


You can right-click on any of these clips and choose various options like copying it back to the clipboard, compare two text clips, open the file from which this data was copied, paste new data in the ClipAngel and paste text without formatting etc. You can also remove any of these clips. If you want to remove all of the data from clipboard, then you can right-click on the ClipAngel icon in the notification area and choose “Clear Clipboard”.


Conclusion: ClipAngel is a feature rich clipboard management utility for Windows. It can store all of the data ever copied to the Windows clipboard so that you will never accidentally lose it in the future.

You can download ClipAngel from

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  1. Note, that you can use global hotkey ALT+V in ANY window to open ClipAngel window and when you double click on clip it will be not just placed to clipboard but also be pasted into the original window.

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