Disable Notifications from All Websites in Firefox

These days almost every website is trying to show notifications about the latest updates in the web browsers incessantly. Sometimes this becomes so annoying when the websites ask you for permissions as soon you visit them. And then there are websites that keep pestering you with such requests on every single page you visit. Perhaps these web designers think that if you bother the visitors enough, then they are going to yield sooner or later. But you do not have to become a victim of these non-stop requests being pelted at you every time you open your web browser.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox web browser, then you can simply display all the web notifications and be done with it. After this you will no longer view any notifications or the requests in Firefox web browser:

  1. Type about:config in the address bar of Firefox and press Enter. When the warning appears, click on the I accept the risk! button and proceed.
  2. Type webnotifications in the search bar to narrow down the settings we are looking for.Disable Firefox Notifications
  3. Locate a setting named dom.webnotifications.enabled and double-click on it to change its value from true to false.
  4. Now either restart the browser, or reload all the open web pages in various tabs. You will no longer receive any web notifications from any website or permissions prompt asking you to enable them.

If you are using the Chrome web browser, then you can read the instructions for disabling the notifications from our previous post – how to disable all notifications in Chrome web browser.


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