How to Disable Firefox Screenshots in Mozilla Firefox

The new version of Mozilla Firefox has a new feature called Firefox Screenshots. This feature was first introduced in the nightly versions and is now a part of the stable release version. The Firefox Screenshots help you capture screenshots of whatever is visible in the Firefox tabs and upload them to the Firefox servers so that you can share them. These screenshots are kept on the server for only 14 days after which the sharing link is expired. While this feature is certainly very useful, it could be useless for some people who never want to take screenshots of anything. We have actually published about this feature when it was first made public – Add or Enable Firefox Screenshots Feature in Mozilla Firefox.

So if you do not like an extra icon for Firefox Screenshots in the web browser toolbar without being of any good use to you, then you can use the following instructions to disable it:

  1. Launch Firefox browser, type about:config in the address bar and press Enter.
  2. It will display a warning message, read the message and click on I accept the risk button to proceed.
  3. This will open the preference manager. Type extensions.screenshots in the search box to find the preferences that you want to configure.
  4. Double-click on the extensions.screenshots.disabled to change its value from false to true.
  5. Double-click on the extensions.screenshots.system-disabled to change its value from false to true.Firefox Screenshots
  6. You will see the Firefox Screenshots icon disappear instantly from the Firefox toolbar. This means that it has now been disabled.

Using these instructions you can easily disable the Firefox Screenshots extension in the newer versions of Firefox. Similarly, you can simply undo these changed to enable the Firefox Screenshots once again, in case you want to use this feature in the future.