Find Fastest DNS Nameserver Using DNS Benchmark Tool

When you type in the web site address in a web browser window and press Enter, a number of things happen. The first thing the web browser does is query the configured domain name server (DNS). The DNS reply included the IP address of the website’s web server and the browser sends the HTTP requests to open the webpages. If you are using a fast responding DNS server, then you will be connecting to the websites and other servers way faster than when using a slow responding DNS server.

In order to find the fastest possible DNS servers in your region, you can make use of the DNS Benchmark tool developed by GRC (Gibson Research Corporation). It is a portable tool and can be used on any Windows version without having to install anything.

You can launch DNS Benchmark tool, switch to the Nameservers tab and click on the Run Benchmark button to start the benchmark. It comes with many of the publicly known domain name servers already added and the benchmark is run on them. But if you want to include your own name servers, then you can also include them by clicking on the Add/Remove button and using the small window that shows up.

DNS Benchmark

In the benchmark results, you can see the best and fastest performing name servers at the top of the list. These are the name servers that you should use in your PC or router for improving the internet performance. If you want to set the DNS name servers automatically for your Windows PC, then you can use our Public DNS Server tool that works for all the versions of Windows starting from XP. In the Public DNS Server tool you will have to change the servers.ini file and append the DNS servers that you wish to use in your PC.

You can download GRC DNS Benchmark tool (DNSBench) from