Test PC Sound Setup Using Stereo Sound Tester

The wireless connectivity in the modern devices has greatly improved the way we listen to music these days. You no longer have to run cables all over the room to have that surround sound experience, now you can connect all the speakers through Bluetooth easily. And those Bluetooth speakers are dirt cheap if you take a look at the latest prices on Amazon. You can buy a set of four or five Bluetooth speakers, spread them all over your room and you are all set.

But once you have set everything up and connected all the speakers to your Windows PC, you may want to check if everything is working as it should. Instead of playing some random music, you can use the free Stereo Sound Tester program. Using this program you can check all types of sound configurations – mono speaker, stereo speaker with two speakers, four-in-one speaker setup and the five-in-one speaker setup.

Stereo Sound Tester

You just have to launch the Stereo Sound Tester program and click on the Test Sound button displayed under the type of speaker setup type. This way you can perform the sound test on all the speakers and see if everything is working properly. If you do not hear sound from any of the speakers, you can check the wireless connection or the cable connection. And if you are not satisfied with the sound output, then perhaps you would want to tinker with the device drivers or the sound configuration settings in the Windows.

The program is also able to display some of the basic details about the audio drivers for your Windows PC. Even though, it does not give any options to customize the preferences for the drivers installed in your system, it does give you information about both the audio and the video drives. You can use this information to find the updates to the drivers for your PC.

You can download Stereo Sound Tester from https://ayansoftware.wordpress.com/2017/08/09/stereo-sound-tester-v1/.