Force Games to Run in Fullscreen Window with Borderless Gaming

Most of the games today run fullscreen but they all are designed for dedicated gaming. This means that when you are playing these games, you are not supposed to do anything else on your computer. But some people want to switch back and forth between their favorite games and other programs like the music player, word processors, web browsers, and other applications. Unfortunately, not many games allow you to use the “Alt+Tab” task switcher when you are playing a game in the full screen mode.

This is when an open-source application called Borderless Gaming can be very useful. It forces any game to be run in a fullscreen window that can respond to the Alt+Tab switcher. It basically switches those games from the real fullscreen mode into a window that has no borders and has the size same as your screen size. So it gives an illusion that the games are being run in the fullscreen mode, yet they are now being run in just another window.

Borderless Gaming

In order to use the Borderless Gaming, you can launch it before starting any game. When you launch a game, it will automatically detect it and list in the Applications listbox. You have to select the game from this list and then click on the borderless icon displayed in the middle of this window. That’s it, now that game will run in the borderless window and give the illusion of fullscreen mode. You can also right-click on any of the applications and choose Make Borderless from the options displayed.

Borderless Gaming

You can also add any running game to the favorite list. If you add a game or application to the favorite window, then it will be automatically switched to the borderless window mode. However the way it makes them borderless window, a few of the games may behave in an unexpected way and display the graphics in a distorted way. We have tested it with a range of games both old and new, they all are working very well.

You can download Borderless Gaming from