Speedify VPN for Android Promises Lag Free Connectivity

Speedify is a new VPN service from Connectify that offers many unique features not usually found in other VPN services available for the Android smartphones. It can combine all of your available internet connections (for example, WiFi and 4G LTE) to improve the reliability of the VPN connections. It uses latest encryption standard to deliver faster performance compared to some other VPN services. In addition to the regular VPN servers, you can also choose P2P servers without compromising on the security.

After installing the Speedify VPN app in Android, it asks you to sign-in using your existing account. If you do not have any account, then you can choose to create one or skip this step to use Speedify as a free user. For the free users, it offers 2GB data for free per month. If you want to remove the data restriction and use an unlimited amount of data, then you can choose the monthly or annual subscription packs.

Speedify VPN

By default the app chooses the VPN server closest to you in terms of geographical location. So if you are on a vacation in Thailand, then it may choose either the Singapore server or the Hong Kong server. But you can tap on the small cog-wheel icon to pick a server manually. Even the free users can pick from all the available servers.

Other than the dedicated servers, you can also pick a P2P VPN server for connecting to the internet. This is very useful when a website or app is able to detect that you are using a proxy or VPN service and is denying to work as expected. In these cases, you can use the P2P server which cannot be detected as a VPN server and you would be able to access any website normally.

Speedify VPN


Among other things in the app, you can check the connection speed of the VPN server just by swiping from side to side. Similarly, you can also check the latency and the loss of packets which can give you an idea whether the current VPN server is reliable or stable.

Conclusion: All in all, the Speedify VPN is a very advanced VPN app for Android and it comes with some of the very unusual and powerful features such as the ability to use a P2P VPN server and improving the connection reliability by mixing different kinds of the internet connections available to your device.

You can download and install the Speedify VPN app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.speedify.speedifyandroid.