Novabench : Benchmark Software for PC and Mac

If you have bought a laptop or branded desktop computer, then you must have already checked the specs and performance tests run on them by other users. Perhaps you also checked Youtube for unboxing, setting up and benchmark videos for them. However when you assemble your own desktop computer, then you get to choose all the different components of your own choice and create a unique computer of your own, but there are no performance test or specs available for it online. In this case, you have to run the benchmark yourself.

The free benchmark software Novabench can help you benchmark and determine how well your computers perform. Novabench is available both for Mac and PC. After running the benchmark, it shows you the scores of your CPU, RAM, GPU and the storage media. You can then compare your computer with that of others all over the world and see where you stand in terms of computer’s performance. By looking at the various numbers in the benchmark scores, you can also improve the performance of your computer by upgrading the components having lower scores.


For example, if Novabench is showing a low rating for your large capacity hard disk drive, then perhaps you can gain some performance and hence higher score by replacing it with a solid state drive. Similarly, if your GPU is under performing, then you should invest in a better graphics card. Of course upgrading is not really possible on branded Windows computers or Apple Macs.

When you compare your results online (you are required to register for this), you may not rank very high unless you are using the latest gaming rig. But don’t be dismayed as even the best computers have no chance when other users are using the most expensive and sometimes overclocked hardware.

You can download Novabench from