SecureAPlus : Cloud Powered Malware Protection for PC

SecureAPlus is an anti-malware software for Windows computers that shields your PC against possible infection using multiple layers of defense. It comes with an a real-time anti-malware scanner that does not require cloud access (works offline), it comes with a cloud scanner that can scan your files using dozens of well known antivirus engines, and finally you can whitelist or block the newer suspicious files based on a number of criteria. All these modules work together to protect your PC against any possible malware infections.

Three modes of working

Depending on how you are using your PC, it can work in the background using three different modes. In the Interactive mode, it asks you whenever it encounters a suspicious or new program that is trying to make modifications to your system – you can choose to whitelist this program so it won’t ask again. In the Lockdown mode, it does not ask you and blocks all the suspicious programs from making any modifications. And in the Trust All mode it allows all the programs to run without bothering you again and again.

Universal AV for accurate detection

This anti-malware comes with its own offline scanner, but for better detection it employs a cloud based scanner that it calls Universal AV. Using this cloud scanner, it can scan your files with the help of dozens of reputed antivirus engines like Bitdefender, Kaspersky, AVG, ESET, McAfee etc. This means that no virus can evade detection and your PC stays safe in all circumstances.


Whitelisting of programs

It employs a number of approaches before allowing a program to be run on your PC. It checks the program’s digital signatures, their reputation and also observes their behavior. You can also whitelist or block any program from being run from the settings in the anti-malware. This way only trusted programs are allowed to run and make changes in the PC.


SecureAPlus provides all around defense against malware for PC, but still has many components missing before it can compete with large names like Avast or Kaspersky. For example, it does not have any sandbox which has become an integral part of all the mainstream security products. It is also not able to scan the web traffic in real time like many of the leading security solutions.

You can download a trial version of SecureAPlus from