Quickly View or Find Folders & Files in Windows Using 1Tree Basic

Every PC user should do some basic spring cleaning of their computers every few months or at least once a year. This includes cleaning the hardware, removing the dust and other gunk that has accumulated in the heat sink and the fans. But you should also consider removing the unnecessary programs and deleting the files that no longer are useful. For this you have to go through one folder to another and delete the files. If you have to perform a number of folder or file operations in your Windows PC, you can make things a little easier using 1Tree Basic – a simple software to view the folders/drives/files, find their filesize, rename them, delete them, send them to the recycle bin and move them to a different location.

1Tree Basic is a portable program and can run without installation. It has a very simple user interface – just one TreeView control that shows all the files and folders in your PC. The files and folders are already sorted based on their file sizes, so you can see the largest files in a folder on the top and the smallest files at the very bottom. This makes it very easy for you to find the files that are consuming the most space on a drive or inside a folder. If you are getting the message – “cannot compute size” for some folders, then you should run 1Tree Basic using administrative privileges.

1Tree Basic

You can expand any folder to view the sub-folders and the same thing can be done for the various drives. You can right-click on any of the items in the 1Tree Basic to view all the operations that can be performed on them. You can copy, move, rename, delete, move, send them to recycle bin and launch them using the default associated applications.

In the options for the 1Tree Basic, you can change the font face and font size used by the program. You can also change the location of the toolbar and change the data separator symbol. By default the CD/DVD drive and the network drives are not shown, you can change the options to display them too.

1Tree Basic

Conclusion: A small utility 1Tree Basic is very efficient and handy when you have to quickly perform some tasks on your drives and folders. It is ideal for finding the largest files and folders and removing the ones that are not needed.

You can download 1Tree Basic from http://1tree.info/basic.htm.