Convert Audio or Video Files into Playable EXE Files

When you create a video CD/DVD using Roxio DVD burner software, you can optionally choose to put a small video player that is launched automatically as soon as you insert the disk in your PC. This makes sure that even the people who do not have any media player installed in their computers are able to play the video CD or DVD. Now you can do a similar thing to individual audio or video files. You can convert them to EXE files that when executed start to play the original audio or video in your PC.

The free Audio/Video to Exe tool is able to convert the file formats of any media files as well as convert them into playable EXE files. To use any of these features, you have to first add the media files (audio or video) to the list in the Audio/Video to Exe tool. You can then choose to convert their file formats by clicking on checkmark button and then picking the options for the media format conversion.

Audio Video to EXE

Similarly, in order to convert any media file into an EXE, you can first add the media files to Audio/Video to Exe tool and then click on the gear icon in the toolbar. It will ask whether you want to loop the playback, play it only once or exit the player after playing once.  After this you can choose the destination folder where you want to create the EXE file.

Audio Video to EXE

The conversion to EXE might take a few seconds and after that you can open the destination folder to check the EXE file generated. The size of this EXE file is a little larger than the original file. In fact this EXE file contains the FFplay media player (from the FFmpeg open-source project) along with the original video/audio file and the code to extract & play them.

Audio Video to EXE

You can double-click on this EXE file to play the contained media file. Since the player is FFplay, you can use the keyboard shortcuts meant for FFplay to control the playback. You can see all these keyboard shortcuts by visiting

Audio Video to EXE

Conclusion: Audio/Video to Exe tool is a clever way to pack a small open-source media player FFplay along with the media file so that you can just double-click on the generated EXE file to start playing the media.

You can download Audio/Video to Exe tool  from

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