RegSeeker : Free All-in-one Toolbox for Windows PC

When you buy a brand new Windows computer, it works like a well oiled machine without any problems. But as you continue to use it, it might develop problems related to so many settings in Windows. Using a free toolbox called RegSeeker, you can fix these problems and keep Windows in shape easily. RegSeeker is a very small program (download is around 1 MB including a PDF guide) but it packs all the possible utilities a system admin would want to keep a Windows computer running smoothly.

In the “Applications and Startup” section, you can view, delete or modify entries related to auto-starting programs (programs that launch automatically when you start Windows), non-Microsoft services and device drivers. You can manage browser extensions for Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. You can also uninstall programs installed in your PC.


In the “Registry” section, which we advise not to use unless very much needed, contains tools to find something in the registry, clean the registry of obsolete entries, create backups of the registry and more. You can make use of the special registry script files to make modifications inside the Windows registry.


In the “Tools and System” section, you can view your detailed system information (akin to using Windows Device Manager), manage the processes running in your system, monitor files or processes, repair some of the settings in Windows (often modified by malware), use some of the tweaks to make Windows perform better, and even backup some of the device drivers.


In the “Computer Cleaning” section, you can find the tools to clean the junk files piling up on your hard drive, and some of the history that is accumulated as you use your PC in everyday life. For example, it can clean the Open/Save MRU entries that are stored in the registry and contain information about all the files you opened or saved in File Explorer.


Conclusion: RegSeeker is a small portable toolbox the contains all the useful utilities that can come handy when you are spring cleaning your PC, fixing some problems or running some regular maintenance.

You can download RegSeeker fromĀ

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