QuickMon : Open-Source Monitoring and Alerting Tool for Windows

QuickMon is an open-source monitoring and alerting tool for Windows. It can be used to monitor various things in your local PC, on a network or remove computers. You can also receive alerts about various data being monitored by this software. It is not the easiest software to work with, but once you get the basic idea of how the collectors, agents and alerts are configured, you will be able to use it for monitoring a range of items in your PC.

QuickMon is available from its github website. You can download any of the four versions, but the latest version (as of September 2017) is version 5.0. The software cannot be used in the portable mode as it needs to install some services in your PC. After the installation, you can start it and the first thing you have to do is create a new monitor pack.


Inside the monitor pack, you can add one or more collectors. Each of the collectors can be configured to monitor any of the supported things with the use of the agents, for example, check the status of Windows services, check the status of a file or folder, check the value of a Registry value and so on. You can also test the ping or SQL queries using the tool. The monitor packs also contain the notifiers which is how you are alerted about the changed values or status of various collectors. These alerts or error message can be sent to the SQL database, RSS feed or e-mail address.


Even though you can close the QuickMon window, it keeps running in the background in form of a Windows service. It keeps monitoring various things (as you have configured it to) and you will keep receiving alerts using the notifier settings.

Conclusion: QuickMon is a complex tool to monitor various things in your local PC, remote PC, and networks. The status or the data collected is then reported to you through notifications. It is great for network admins who wish to check the status of their Windows servers periodically.

You can download QuickMon from https://github.com/RudolfHenning/QuickMon.