WinExt : Free System Tools Suite for Windows

WinExt is a freeware system tools suite for Windows that contains tools to find & delete duplicates files, to monitor system activity, perform batch operations, view recently opened files and automatically synchronize two folders or drives. It can also compute the file sizes of different files located on various partitions in your PC to tell you about the largest files and how much storage space they are claiming. You can use these tools to keep your PC clutter free, delete duplicate and large files to gain back the hard drive space that these files are wasting.

Launching the tool shows the interface for finding the duplicate files, but you can switch to other tools from the left side menu. As far as finding the duplicate files is concerned, you can choose the location to be searched, you can choose the file size limits and the type of files to look for. Clicking on the button Find Now! will start the scanning process.


The searching may take a short or long time depending on the number of files and your searching criteria. But WinExt claims that they are using a unique algorithm for high speed comparing of files to see if they are duplicates. When the scanning is complete, you will be shown the duplicate files grouped together in a list. You can choose to delete them, send them to recycle bin, view them etc.


The “Sizes” section finds the largest files in your PC to show you which of the files are claiming the most of the hard drive storage space. But switching to this section may put extra load on your hard drive / solid state drive, so be careful to not perform any exhausting activity.


In the settings of the program, you can choose to launch WinExt as soon as Windows is started. Looking at the functions of this program, it really makes no sense to auto-launch it with Windows for the regular users. Only for special cases when you are dealing with duplicate files epidemic, you should make it auto-start with Windows. You can also decide various parameters that control how the different tools work, like the duplicate files finder, large files, and activity monitoring.

You can download WinExt from