Easy Watermark Studio Lite : Add Text and Picture Watermarks to Images

If you are sharing your latest pictures over the social media, then you better make sure that they are watermarked with your website, email address or some other information to identify you. This way nobody else will be able to steal your pictures and abuse it in any possible way. At the very basic level, you can use any picture editor program, like Microsoft Paint included in all the versions of Windows, to add some sort of text to your pictures. But if you want extra options like text shadows, text border, text glow, text rotation and the ability to add transparent images as watermarks etc., then you can use the free Easy Watermark Studio Lite software.

Easy Watermark Studio Lite allows you to batch watermark all the images you have selected and added to the list. You can pick a folder containing all the pictures that you wish to bookmark or add individual images. Once that is done, you can start adding text or image layers for the watermarks. You can add as many layers as you want. For the text, you can change the font face, font size, text color, text background, rotation, text position, alignment and add many interesting effects. For the image based watermark layers, you can also change some of properties like the rotation, position, size, opacity, and add effects like reflection, alpha shadow, Gaussian blur and many others.

Easy Watermark Studio Lite

You can preview how the watermark will look by selecting any of the pictures from the right-side list. Once you are satisfied with the watermarking, you can click on the Start button and it will batch process all the added pictures and add the watermarks to them. The resulting watermarked pictures will be places in the destination folder and converted to an image format as specified in the settings.

You can download Easy Watermark Studio Lite from http://www.easy-watermark-studio.com/.