AeroAdmin : Cross-Platform Remote Control Program

You do not have to look for an expensive or large software suite in order to remotely control differently computers. You can use the free AeroAdmin which is a small cross-platform remote control program. Using AeroAdmin you can remotely control and manage various computers irrespective of their operating systems. It does not require any authentication data other than a unique ID generated for each of the computers for remotely connecting to a computer. You can also use the IP address of a computer to connect.

AeroAdmin is available for all the three popular operating systems, namely Windows, Linux and Mac. The software comes in portable format, at least for Windows operating system. You can just download the AeroAdmin.exe file in Windows and launch it. Your firewall may show a permissions popup dialog after which AeroAdmin can be used both as a server and as a client.


Other people can connect to your PC remotely, through your IP address as it is displayed in the AeroAdmin window. They can also use the unique six digit ID displayed in the AeroAdmin window to connect to your computer. Similarly, you can also connect to other computers by using the IP address or ID number of other computers. When AeroAdmin attempts to establish a connection, the target computer user will get the prompt to reject or accept the connection.

You can connect to other computers remotely in three different modes – Remote Control, View Only, and File Manager. In the Remote Control mode, you get full permissions to control and manage the remote computer. In the View Only mode, you cannot make any changes to the other computer. In the File Manager mode, you can basically transfer the files between your local computer and the remote computer in much like the way a FTP client allows you to.


Conclusion: AeroAdmin is a small portable and free remote control and management software. It works across all the three popular operating systems – Windows, Linux and Mac.

You can download AeroAdmin from


  1. I’d also recommend to try free for business Aeroadmin.

    It’s quite easy-to-use, with no registration, installation or configuration. I switched to it from teamviewer and pretty happy.
    Hope this helps

  2. It would be nice if they had native support for macOS. The current method of installing Wine is too technical for my users

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