Send Tabs Across Devices in Firefox Web Browser

If you are a Firefox web browser user then you can synchronize your information like bookmarks, extensions, passwords, preferences etc., to the Firefox browser installed in other devices using a Firefox syncing account. This comes very handy when you have to install Firefox on a new device – you can just login to your Firefox account and it will sync all the personalized information in a few seconds. Using the same Firefox accounts, you can send any open tabs from one device to another to open that URL in the other devices connected to the same Firefox account.

For this to work, you should have a Firefox account. You can create a new Firefox account for free from within your Firefox web browser. In the desktop version of Firefox, you can click on the menu-icon (hamburger icon) near top-right and select Sign-in to Sync to either create a new Firefox account or sign-in to your existing Firefox account. You have to sign-in to this account in the Firefox web browser on all the devices that you wish to sync.

Send Tabs Across Devices in Firefox

Now if you want to send an open tab in the Firefox browser (desktop version), then you just have to right-click on the tab and choose Send Tab to Device and then choose the device you want to send the tab to. On a smartphone, you can tap on the vertical ellipses to pull down the menu and tap on the share button (paper plane icon) and then choose one of the connected devices from the list. On the target devices, you will receive a notification about the shared URL. You have the options to open it in the default web browser like the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Send Tabs Across Devices in Firefox

This feature in Firefox is very helpful when you want to open a link in the desktop web browser after finding it on your smartphone or tablet so that you can access the webpage on a larger screen. Similarly, some sites that are optimized or designed only for the small screen devices can be quickly sent to your smartphones or tablets.

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