AOMEI PE Builder : Create Windows PE Bootable Disk

When you are not able to boot into your Windows PC because of some operating system problem or perhaps because of malware infections, you have only a few choices like using a bootable Live Linux CD/DVD or USB disk to access or fix the system problems. But if you are not familiar with Linux operating system, then you may find yourself in unknown waters. A much better approach in that situation will be to use a Windows PE bootable disk that you can easily prepare using the free AOMEI PE Builder software.

AOMEI PE Builder is a software that uses a wizard-like interface and it allows you to create your own bootable Windows PE media. This Windows PE media can be on a CD/DVD, on a USB flash pendrive or save it in form of an ISO image. Windows PE media used using this tool can be used to repair your PC in emergency like corrupt file system or malware infection.

AOMEI PE Builder

As you launch the downloaded software, it displays some information about various products being offered by AOMEI – you can just click on the Next button to proceed at this stage. If you have not already downloaded the Windows PE media files, it will ask you to download them automatically. You can also manually download these files from AOMEI website and place them in the AOMEI installation folder.

AOMEI PE Builder

You can choose the various tools to be included in the Windows PE media like Recuva, FileZilla etc. You can pick the destination media in the next step – burn to CD/DVD media using your DVD writer, USB boot device like pendrive, or export to an ISO image that can later be burned to optical media. It might take a few minutes to download the required files and prepare the Windows PE media.

AOMEI PE Builder

Conclusion: AOMEI PE Builder is an excellent software to create the bootable Windows PE media that is customized for individual users. It is an ideal software to create bootable disks to be used in emergency repair.

You can download AOMEI PE Builder from