Adobe Scan : Turn Android Smartphone into Powerful Scanner

Scanning and printing the documents is an everyday task in many workplaces. And for this purpose many office desks have a large flatbed scanner in use. But why spend extra money on such scanners when you can use your Android smartphone for all the scanning you need. You can use the free Adobe Scan app for Android to convert your Android smartphone into a powerful scanner.

The Adobe Scan app is very similar to Microsoft Office Lens or Polaris Scan and has more or less exactly same features. In order to start using this app, you must register with the Adobe website and use the login credentials you get for your Adobe account. The benefit of registering is that you would be able to upload the scanner documents to the Adobe Cloud so that you can access the from anywhere using any device.

Using the Adobe Scan app you can scan the documents with the camera of your device. The documents need not be placed straight as the app can automatically rotate them later. As you can see, the quality of scanned documents depends on the camera quality of your smartphone. For better scanning, you should have a camera of at least 13 megapixels and with built-in flash. If you do not want to use the flash, then you should do the scanning in a well lit room.

Adobe Scan

The scanning app alters the contrast and changes the sharpness of the scanned documents so that the text can be read easily. It is also able to perform the OCR on the scanned documents, recognizing all the individual letters and storing them in the text format. You can copy, mark or comment on this text and even save it to a plain text file or export to word processors like Microsoft Word.

Conclusion: Adobe Scan is an impressive document scanner app for Android. It is loaded with features like OCR and comes with Adobe Cloud storage. It can replace the traditional scanners if you are willing to sacrifice the ease with which the tradition scanners can operate.

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