Before Dawn : Screensavers Application for Multiple Platforms

There was a time a few decades ago when all the Windows users were looking for a really good screensaver. The screensavers were very popular back then. A screensaver is a small application that keeps changing the pixels on your screen and this was very useful in the case of older bulky CRT monitors because if you did not keep things changing on the screen, the monitor could end up having something called “screen burn-in”.

These days everyone has LED screens and screensavers have lost their usefulness. But you can still have some fun on your screen when the PC is idle by running a number of customized screensavers using the cross-platform open-source application called “Before Dawn”.

“Before Dawn” is a comprehensive screensavers application that not only allows you to set a number of screensavers that it comes with, but also enables you to create your own screensavers. And in order to create the screensaver you do not need any knowledge of operating system specific programming – all you need is some basic knowledge of web technologies like HTML, CSS, javascript etc. You can basically write an HTML page and use it as your screensaver.

Before Dawn

Before Dawn places an icon in the notification area which makes it very convenient to test the screensaver, disable the application altogether, or open the Before Dawn preferences. From the preferences section, you can also choose to set a screensaver or create your own screensaver.

Before Dawn

Among the screen savers that it comes with are – 10 Goto, Astonomy Photos, Attari Attract Mode, Blur, Cylon, Defragment, Emoji Fireplace, Emoji Starfield, Holzer, Hubble, Metropolitan Art, Pointillize, Poop Emoji, Screen Flipper, Screen Glitcher, Run a URL, Starfield and ZomboCom. You can set any of these screensavers from the Before Dawn preferences.

You can download Before Dawn screensaver application from