View Network Activity in Windows Graphically Using Netgraph

Netgraph is a small utility for Windows computers that can show you the current network activity in terms of download and upload data rates. In other words, it can monitor your network bandwidth usage. It is a portable program and runs without having to install it. It places an icon in the notification area using which you can control how Netgraph works.

When you launch Netgraph, it instantly displays the graph mode window showing you the download and upload data rates in form of graphical display. After launching it, you can try downloading something or just watch a Youtube video and you will see the graphs go up and down indicating how much data is being downloaded or uploaded. The graph window stays on top of other windows so that you can always keep an eye on what is going on in your network. It also shows the data rates in numeric form so that you can see the exact real-time information about the network status.


However, if you do not like the graphical display, you can right-click on the Netgraph icon in the notification area and choose the modes from over a dozen different ones – graph only, graph and speed, bar & speed in three different sizes, speed in three different sizes, total speed in various sizes, and progress bar in a few different sized windows. All these modes show the information in a small window that always stays on-top of other open windows and you can drag it anywhere on your desktop.


Among other things you can change the appearance of the graph window – change the panel theme, change the icon theme, and make the window click-through. When this window is made click-through, you can click on the area covered by the Netgraph monitor window and all the clicks will be transferred to whatever is under the window.

You can download Netgraph from