Coolmuster Android Assistant : Manage Android Devices from PC or Mac

While smartphones are essentially small computers with remarkable processing power, they generally lack in the storage capacity. There are so many different ways to enhance this storage capacity like adding a microSD card or using an OTG pen-drive. But once you have reached their limit, you are forced to delete the older pictures or apps. You do not have to resort to removing the apps and pictures if you use the Coolmuster Android Assistant software.

Backup Files Easily

Coolmuster Android Assistant is a one stop Android management software for PC and Mac. It makes managing your files on your Android devices very easy. You can backup your messages, videos, audio files, pictures, contacts, and other files from Android to your PC. This way you will never lose your data even when the phone storage is full. And if you need those files back, you can easily recover them in a few seconds.

Coolmuster Android Assistant

Switch to New Smartphone Effortlessly

Every year new models of smartphones are released and you have to enter all the contacts manually all over again. But if you use Coolmuster Android Assistant, you can swiftly switch from one phone to another while transferring all of your files in a matter of seconds. For this, you have to backup Android contacts from your phone to your PC or Mac first. Once this is done, you can restore them later to your new phone. But it is not recommended to restore the apps to new phones as apps are designed based on the phone architecture.

Coolmuster Android Assistant

Read-Only Safety Conscious Operations

If you are scared that your expensive smartphone might get damaged, you will be happy to know that Coolmuster Android Assistant can be set to perform read-only operations which means no files on your phone will be deleted. Your Android smartphone will not get damaged this way. This is a great for newbies who do not know which file should be deleted and which one should not be touched.

Coolmuster Android Assistant

Send SMS Messages from PC or Mac

For using the Coolmuster Android Assistant to manage your Android devices, you have to connect it to your PC using a USB data cable or through WiFi. Once the connection is setup, you can receive, send or manage the text messages right from the ease of your computer. This way you can transfer text messages from Android to computer and keep a backup of all of your messages. If someone sends you text messages, they can be seen in the Coolmuster Android Assistant SMS messages window.

Coolmuster Android Assistant


Coolmuster Android Assistant is an all-round one-stop solution for all of your Android management needs. This easy to use program can be used to backup, import/export, add, delete, or edit Android data as you like.

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