Glarysoft Gives Away Malware Hunter Pro License Worth $49.95

Many people ask me how I never seem to get infected by malware. And I always tell them that keeping your devices safe from malware infection is as simple as installing a good antivirus software, keeping your system software up-to-date, avoiding suspicious websites and scanning every downloaded program or software using VirusTotal. And now that Glarysoft is giving away 1 year license for Malware Hunter Pro, it is not even an excuse not to install a good anti-malware product in your PC. The license key can be used on 3 different computers.

Glarysoft Malware Hunter Pro was reviewed by us some time ago. Since then it has only matured into a much more stable and reliable anti-malware solution for Windows users. The one year license for this anti-malware that usually costs $49.95 can now be had for free during the giveaway that will go on until the 10th December, 2017.

In order to claim your 1 year license for Malware Hunter Pro, you have to visit their website, enter your email address, use captcha to prove that you are not a robot (it is very annoying one) and they will send you an email message containing your license key code and a link to activate your Glarysoft account. Without activation of this account, your license key is not going to work.

Malware Hunter Pro Giveaway

After this you can download and install Malware Hunter Pro from The download is only 30 MB, but it will also download virus database after the installation. Now you have to enter the license key and activate your product online. Once activated it will protect your computer for the next one year. And since you can install the license on three different computers, you can protect all the computers at home.

Malware Hunter Pro Giveaway

You can grab one year license for Malware Hunter Pro from (Valid till 10th December 2017).