Enable Storage Sense in Windows 10 to Auto-Clean Junk Files

The new version of Windows 10 has come up with many useful features. One of the new features is Storage Sense that can free up storage space automatically by cleaning junk files whenever such a need arises. This feature has many options that can be selected to  customize how the cleaning will work and which of the files will be removed in order to free up the storage space in your PC.

To enable the Storage Sense feature, you have to open the Windows settings. This can be done by pressing the Windows key once and selecting Settings from the start menu that opens up. The settings icon looks like a cogwheel and shown to the left side of the start menu.

In the settings, select System followed by Storage. Here you would be able to locate Storage Sense feature and turn it on using the on-off flip switch. By enabling this feature this way, you enable the default settings for the storage sense and how the Windows will automatically clean files from your PC.

Windows 10 Storage Sense

If you click on Change how we free up space, you will be able to customize how and which of the files are deleted. In the settings, you can choose to enable or disable the Storage Sense, choose to delete the temporary files that your installed apps are not using, delete the files that have been inside the recycle bin for more than 30 days, and delete files that have been in the Downloads folder for more than 30 days.

Windows 10 Storage Sense

If you have upgraded your Windows version from an older version, then there could be many gigabytes of files remaining on your hard drive from the old version. In the storage sense settings, you can choose to delete these files to claim more free space on your hard drive.