Endless Sky : Cross-Platform Space Adventure Game

Everyone has watched the “Star Wars” series of movies. And if you have watched the “Star Wars” movies, then you are going to love the “Stargate SG-1” science fiction TV series. In this TV series, people travel to other planets located in the other star systems to make trade relations and find new technology. The travel is done through the spaceships. If you want to experience the same space travel using spaceships on your computer through Endless Sky – an entertaining game for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Endless Sky is a space adventure game that feels like you are part of the world created by the Star Wars movies or the Stargate SG-1 series. You start out as the captain of a spaceship and and go from one planet to another using the hyper-speed engine and entering the hyperspace speed. You earn money by trading, carrying passengers or completing the missions.

Endless Sky

When you create a new pilot profile, it assigns some money for you using which you can buy a spaceship. You have to choose between three models – transport, light freighter and interceptor. With the selection of the respective ship, you determine which career you want to take. The transport ship will take you to various planets. For the career of a dealer, you can choose the light freighter. With this you buy goods at a low price and sell them on other planets at profit.

The game has so much similarity to the Stargate SG-1 TV series. For example, you can jump into hyper-drive to travel at a speed higher than the speed of light, you can talk to nearby ships and ask for their help, you can engage in battles with hostile or pirate ships and so on.

Endless Sky

Conclusion: Endless Sky is an open-source space adventure game that reminds you of the enchanting worlds created by the science-fiction shows like Stargate SG-1.

You can download Endless Sky from https://github.com/endless-sky/endless-sky/releases.