GoodSync : Backup and Synchronizing for Mac and Windows

Backing up the important files is a regular and essential task for many people. If you keep regular backups, then you will not have to worry about the loss of your data in the events of disasters like malware infection, hard disk failures, file corruption, theft and so on. And keeping the backups has become much easier in the recent times – you can buy a portable storage drive that can be hooked to your PC through the standard USB data cable and use a backup software like GoodSync to perform automatic backups of your files.

GoodSync is a powerful software for keeping regular backups and synchronizing your files between two locations. It is available in both an installable as well as portable format. The portable format can be put on the backup drive itself and can be launched anytime you want to perform the backups or the synchronizing. After launching the GoodSync, you have to choose whether you want to create a new backup job or a new synchronizing job.


No matter what type of job you pick, you have to choose a source and a destination location. You can do so by clicking on the left folder and the right folder icons in the GoodSync window. It allows you to choose a number of location types and protocols – local folders, Windows shares, GoodSync connect, media devices over MTP, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Amazon Cloud Drive, Windows Azure, Dropbox, OneDrive,, Backblaze B2, Microsoft SharePoint, Azure Files, One File, Windows Mobile etc.


Once you have selected both the destination and source, you can click on Analyze to find out the differences between the source and destination. You can click on the Sync to perform the synchronization. You can switch any job to the auto mode by clicking on the Auto button to make it run the job every time a file change is detected, at log off, at a pre-defined schedule.


Conclusion: GoodSync is a capable file syncing and backup software for Mac and Windows. It can access a large number of online and cloud services for backing up your files.

You can download GoodSync from