FenoPhoto Quickly Enhances Photo Quality in Windows

FenoPhoto is a freeware photo enhancement program that can quickly make changes to your pictures to make them look much more sharper, brighter and colorful than before. Using this program you can improve the quality of the pictures that you take using ordinary cameras like the ones in your smartphones or the point-and-shoot cameras.

The interface of FenoPhoto is designed to be as easy as possible to use. It is actually made for the novice user and avoids any confusion as to all the features provided by the software. You begin by opening the pictures in the FenoPhoto and it supports all the very well known image formats like JPG, PNG and BMP. Usually you would want to work only with one picture at a time, but FenoPhoto offers batch processing of the images as well.

As soon as you open an image in FenoPhoto, a preview of the image is displayed in the window. Now you can choose the various image correction options from the left side and the preview of the image is updated accordingly. Among the different adjustments allowed, you can equalize shadows, remove the noise level, remove red eyes, enhance the sharpness or modify the saturation, contrast, brightness, and hue.


The feature I like the best is auto-levels that intelligently calculates and applies the proper levels of brightness, contrast, saturation and hue adjustments to the loaded picture. You can save the image if you want after you have been completely satisfied. But if you do not like all the adjustments, then you can undo all these changes and start over.

Conclusion: FenoPhoto is an easy-to-use photo optimizing and enhancement tool for Windows. It can be used by the novice users who do not have time to understand to learn the advanced image editors like GIMP.

You can download FenoPhoto from http://fenophoto.com/.