SmartFix : Troubleshoots Windows PC After Malware Infection

Personally, when I find out that some malware has infected my computer, I do not trust it and end up formatting the hard disk and reinstalling or restoring Windows or Linux all over again. But you cannot do this all the time specially when you are working with computers in a business. You have to not only disinfect the PC and remove the malware, but also restore some of the basic operating system settings back to their usual values. Sometimes the anti-virus software remove the malware, but fail to restore the default Windows settings. For taking care of the problems arising from malware infection and remove the unknown malware that has stayed undetected by your antivirus product, you can use the free SmartFix software.

SmartFix is a portable tool for Windows computer using which you can fix some of the most common problems that people encounter in the aftermath of a malware infection. The software comes with many options that are displayed when you launch them – integrate the SmartFix into System Recovery Environment, perform full network recovery and reboot, download various tools from the internet and run them.

The first option (integration of SmartFix into System Recovery Environment) allows you to use the SmartFix from the boot menu that appears by pressing the F8 key at the Windows boot. The second option is for the times when malware infection has messed up your network settings and your internet is not working. Once you have internet working, you can choose to download AutuRuns, CureIt or AdwCleaner.


The AutoRuns launched from SmartFix is run in such a way through command line parameters to detect the invalid entries and the programs that are detected as malicious using VirusTotal API. You can disable these entries or delete them from AutoRuns. The CureIt software is designed by Dr.Web as a portable malware scanner and can be used to scan your PC and remove all the found malware. The AdwCleaner can take care of the spyware and toolbars installed by malicious programs.

Conclusion: SmartFix is a really useful program that can be used for troubleshooting and disinfecting the computers known to have been infected by malware. It is a great tool to have in your arsenal to defend your PC from the malware infection.

You can download SmartFix from