IOTransfer Pro Halloween Giveaway 2017

IOTransfer is one of the well known tools that can help you transfer your files across two iPhones or between an iPhone and a computer. This is  great if you want to backup your files from your iPhone to to your PC. Another scenario it is helpful is when you buy a new iPhone and want to transfer your files from your old iPhone to the new one. We have talked about this amazing software previously and you can read more about it here :

Basically, the IOTransfer can be used to transfer your files across different iPhones and between your PC and your iPhones. But the software can also be used to transfer files between iPhone and iTunes library or securely bulk delete the files on your iOS devices.

And now the company behind IOTransfer has decided to organize a give away on the occasion of Halloween this year. During the one week long giveaway event, they are offering the license code for the IOTranfer Pro for free. Usually this license costs around $29.95, but during this week, you can have the license key code absolutely free.

IOTransfer Halloween Giveaway

They have created a special give away webpage in the spirit of Halloween season with ghosts and a spooky dark background but nothing too scary. In order to grab your copy of the license code, you have to visit the Halloween give away page for the IOTransfer software and click on one of the three ghosts. If you catch the ghosts, you will be able to fill in your name and email address. You must use this code quickly so that your copy of IOTransfer can be activated through the giveaway license code.

You can visit to take part in the IOTransfer Halloween giveaway. The give away will start on October 27th 2017 and will end on November 3rd 2017.