Make Drawings Look Like Classic Paintings with Micasso for Android

If you have ever visited Paris, France then you know it is very hard to stop your jaw from dropping. There is so much historical art in that one city that you start having the dreams of being a painter or sculptor yourself.  This is specially true for the Louvre museum where the original paintings and other art work by the world’s greatest artists like Michelangelo, Rembrandt and Leonardo da Vinci are put for public display. If you want to draw like them then perhaps you would have to study art for many years. But you can use the Micasso app for Android to take a shortcut and turn any of your drawings into classic works of art.

The Micasso app for Android uses the painting styles from world’s most popular paintings and applies them to your own drawing. Your drawing does not have to be very complicated, it can be as simple as a geometric figure. Once you have finished your drawing on a piece of paper, you can take a picture of this drawing using the Micasso app. If you have already snapped the picture before, then you can use the picture from your phone’s storage too.

Micasso for Android

After this you can just browse all the paintings the style of which you want to apply to your drawing or photo. There are so many very popular paintings from well known painters including Pablo Picasso after whom the app has been named. If you want to apply the effect from just one painting, then you tap only on that painting. But if you want to combine the effects from multiple paintings then you have to long tap and choose all the paintings you want. The effects are applied in a few seconds and it displays some quotes from Picasso in the interim.

Micasso for Android

Conclusion: Micasso is great for fun effects and makes your photos and drawings look like classic works of art. But it can also be used by art students for some inspiration and see how the great artists from the past would have drawn a painting.

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