Manage All Hard Disks in Windows with Paragon Hard Disk Manager

Paragon Hard Disk Manager is a software suite containing all the possible tools needed to manage all types of hard disk drives. Despite its name, it also works for the new storage devices like solid state drives (SSD). It can help you partition the hard disk drives, manage the existing partitions, cleanup the hard disk drives securely so that nobody can lay hands on your sensitive data, migrate data and operating system to different storage devices, backup and restore the data stored on your hard disk etc. You can also create recovery media using this software that can help you restore files from the backup in case you cannot boot into Windows the normal way.

The recovery media created using the Paragon Hard Disk Manager is very useful. It can be used fix most of the boot related problems like the file system corruption, hard drive failures, missing boot sector etc. Additionally, if your computer becomes infected with malware and experiences any kind of data corruption (for example, when ransomware encrypts your files), you can use this recovery media to restore your system back to normal state with minimal data loss.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager

This software has all the partition management features that one can expect. It can be used to create new partitions, resize existing partitions, split partitions into two or more partitions, merge two or more partitions into one, undelete the partitions if possible, and redistribute the free space.

If you have sensitive files, then Paragon software can help you wipe the personal data for good. It comes with industry strength data wiping tools using which destroy all of your data irrecoverably. You can also use the same tool to wipe only the available free space in which already deleted files could be present.

There are so many features the Paragon Hard Disk Manager comes with. Some of these features are available in the Basic version while others can only be accessed in the paid All-In-One (AIO) version.

You can download Paragon Hard Disk Manager from