MSI Gaming App : Unlock Power of MSI Gaming Graphics Cards

MSI branded computers are not so cheap because they come powered by really high quality hardware. This is why MSI is quickly becoming the hardware of choice for many of the PC gamers. In fact, I first came to know about MSI gaming notebook computers through PC gaming contest that took place in my neighborhood. And now MSI has released a new software “MSI Gaming App” that can make your MSI gaming PC work even better.

MSI Gaming App is essentially an overclocking program to push the MSI graphics card to their limits. But the software also includes many features to give you a really good gaming experience. All MSI gaming graphics cards are set to the gaming mode by default but using this software you can quickly pick the silent mode where the CPU and GPU both work at a reduced performance and save power. Similarly, you can switch to the over-clocking mode where all the processors are pushed to their maximum possible limits.

Apart from these three modes, you can use the MSI Gaming App to make the screen-color and temperature. This can be done by clicking on the small eye icon in the MSI Gaming App window. You can choose various modes like Eye Rest, Gaming, Movie and a customized mode.

MSI Gaming App

Newer MSI graphics cards come with a special LED and its color can be customized through the MSI Gaming App. You can choose whether you want to display the LED lighting effects, whether to use a particular style or music. Other features include one-click VR readiness, ability to watch game streams from Twitch or Youtube while playing games simultaneously etc.

MSI Gaming App really brings out the best of your MSI gaming graphics cards. If you own one of these MSI cards, then you must try the MSI Gaming App.

You can download MSI Gaming App from