Personalize Android Smartphone with New Microsoft Launcher

For a long time, Microsoft kept a distance from anything Android and it was only a few years ago when they finally decided to create apps for the Android platform. A few years ago Microsoft launched a new Android launcher called Arrow Launcher. Now they have renamed the Arrow Launcher to Microsoft Launcher. But they have not only changed the name, they have also added many new features and upgraded the existing ones.

You can download and install the new Microsoft Launcher in your Android smartphone from Google Play store. It does not have any special requirements and it supports all the versions of Android starting from Android 4.1 (Jellybean). This means that this launcher can also be used on very old phones that are still running those older versions of Android.

Microsoft Launcher

The new Microsoft Launcher not only integrates Microsoft services like Bing search tightly with Android interface, but also helps you choose the look and appearance of the Android smartphone. You can choose a number of themes and many exciting wallpapers downloaded from Bing everyday. Apart from these, you can also choose to display the feed likes news and contacts on the home screen.

It comes with a full set of gestures that have a small learning curve but provide you with many new features in your Android smartphone. For example, you can pinch-in switch to the overview mode and pinch-out to view all the recent apps. You can double-tap to instantly lock the screen but for this you need to give the launcher some extra privileges.

Microsoft Launcher

Conclusion: The Microsoft Launcher for Android is certainly a huge upgrade to the old Arrow Launcher. but it still can look your Android smartphone look sleek and interesting. It has very rich interface and comes a full set of gesture controls.

You can download the Microsoft Launcher from