Play Multiplayer Counter Strike Game in 2D Look

Counter Strike is a very popular first person shooter video game series in which two teams battle each other to win. The first game of the series was released almost 18 years ago in the year 2000 and latest installment was released in 2012. Even though it is old game, people still enjoy it and there are both official and private game servers running to support the multiplayer games. Obviously, the original Counter Strike is a 3D video game, but if you want to play this game in the old school 2D look, then you can download a free copy of Counter Strike 2D and play it on any computer.

Counter Strike 2D is a developed by UnrealSoftware located in Germany. The download is just 15 MB in size and can be run on almost any computer running Windows, Linux or Mac. The minimum requirements for the hardware are 1 GHz CPU, 64 MB GPU with DirectX 9 support and 256 MB of RAM. The download is available in both the installer format as well as a portable program format.

Counter Strike 2D

The download contains pre-configured BAT files to launch the game in full-screen mode, full-screen OpenGL mode and windowed OpenGL mode. But you can also run the Launcher to define your own settings for the game, for example, resolution, color depth, video driver, and the window mode.

You can play the game against other players online by connecting to various servers located all over the world. Since the game was developed in the Germany, you see many more servers located in Germany. If you join a server, you will be playing the game with the map and settings of the server.

Counter Strike 2D

But you can also play the game in the offline mode against the bots. In this mode, you can choose different maps and teams. The game is controlled using both the mouse and the keyboard. By default, you can use the mouse to fire and WSAD keys to move around your player.

You can download the Counter Strike 2D game from