Automatically Delete Cookies in Firefox with Cookie AutoDelete

When you visit a web site it stores a very tiny amount of data in the browser in the form of cookies. These cookies can store information like the user login information, geo-location, website customization and more. Cookies can make life easy for the visitors especially if they often visit those websites. But if you want to keep things neat in your Firefox web browser, then you can use the free “Cookie AutoDelete” extension that can automatically remove cookies from Firefox.

But this extension is not just another dumb cookie remover, it does not mindlessly delete all the cookies. Rather it is very intelligent and uses a number of criteria to delete them. After the installation, as you visit a website, the small icon in the toolbar displaying the total number of cookies for the domain for the website opened in the current tab.

Cookie AutoDelete

You can click on the “Cookie AutoDelete” to view all the options available for cleaning the cookies for the current domain. You can clean the cookies after a tab is closed, clean them after the web browser is restarted, or you can whitelist a domain name so that cookies belonging to that domain are never cleaned.

There are three other options using which you can clean the cookies instantly – cookie cleanup (cleans all the cookies if they are not being used or not whitelisted), cookie cleanup ignore open tabs (cleans all the cookies if they are not in the whitelist), clear all cookies for this domain (delete all the cookies for the currently open domain).

Cookie AutoDelete

In the extension settings, you can choose to display the number of cookies in the toolbar icon, display notification once the cookies have been deleted, include the sub-domains for counting the cookies, keep a log of the total number of cookies that have been cleaned since the beginning and more.

You can download Cookie AutoDelete extension for Firefox from