Play “Stranger Things” Game on Android and iPhone

The “Stranger Things” series is now entering season 2 on Netflix. This TV series can be put in both the science-fiction and the horror genre. In the series the story begins as a boy goes missing in the town of Hawkins. And now Netflix has released a game of the same name for Android and iPhone platforms. This game is based on the same story as the TV series and is presented in the graphics and sound style of the games from the 1980s. This is because the TV series itself is set in the 1980s.

At first it appears that the game was just ported from an actual game from 1980s, but it is not true. There was no such game in 1980s. This impression we get is just because they have done a tremendous job of making the game look like from the 80’s decade. The sound, graphics, game play and the icon all are perfectly done to resemble the old time games.

Stranger Things

You can install this game in your Android smartphone or iPhone. The game does not have any special requirements and can be installed even on Android phones with very low specs. The game has all the excitements that you would often find in the old world games. You have a number of characters to choose from. Many of these characters are locked and will be unlocked as you play the game.

During the game if you come across a person, you don’t hear the conversation, rather you are shown the text of the conversations in form of subtitles. This is reminiscent of the older games when pre-recorded sound files could not be played and only program generated beeping sounds could be played.

If you have enjoyed the TV series “Stranger Things” then may be you would enjoy the game too. But perhaps the new generations that are now playing VR games might not like the ancient looks of the game.

You can get the Stranger Things game for Android from and for iPhone from