Websites Not Displaying All Content : Quick Workaround with Firefox

All of the modern and up-to-date web browsers are following a new policy – they block the insecure content on a website that uses a secure connection. In simple words, if you access a website over the HTTPS protocol, then all the content delivered over the HTTP (active and otherwise) is blocked. This is done to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks and it is in fact a very good thing to have in these web browsers. But some of the web developers are not keeping up with the times, they have added the HTTPS ability to their domains but are still using the HTTP links internally.

Lately, I encountered such a online shopping website where everything but the content I was interested in was not being displayed in the Firefox web browser. So a quick workaround for this is to temporarily disable the mixed content policy in the browser. In the Firefox browser, you can do this using these steps:

Note: This is a temporary fix, do not use these settings for long. Change all setting back to default values after you have accessed a website properly. Using these settings permanently is very risky. Make sure that you do not perform any online funds transactions or enter sensitive/personal data in any website when using these settings.
  1. Type about:config in the Firefox address bar.
  2. Click I accept the risk! button and proceed.
  3. Search for mixed_content and double-click on all the boolean settings to switch them to false.Enable Mixed Content Firefox
  4. Now you can access the websites with mixed content without any problems.

After you are done accessing the websites in question, repeat the steps above and change all the settings back to their default values. Now you have to clean the web browser cache and you are done. For cleaning the browser cache in Firefox, you can press the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+Del, choose the time range and Cache from the list and proceed by clicking on the Clear Now button.

K-Meleon Browser

If you do not want to go through these steps then you can use the K-Meleon web browser which is a little outdated but can work very well on all versions of Windows. Again, make sure not to enter any personal, sensitive or financial information when using insecure websites, insecure connections or outdated web browsers.